Fordis Consulting specializes in helping innovative CPG brands make important business decisions with confidence through creative market research that delivers data-driven, actionable insights.

With expertise in a range of methodologies, Fordis Consulting selects qualitative and/or quantitative research methods to design solutions specifically tailored to our clients’ individual and ever-changing needs. As a result, we not only  provide insights and recommendations but invaluable peace-of-mind in the process.

Empowering businesses to make smart decisions with confidence is our passion. Reach out to us today to discover how we can start collaborating. You will soon see why clients choose us to propel their businesses forward…and keep coming back.

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Lara Sanders Fordis

Chief Insights Officer

Lara is known for creating cost-effective solutions for any size business, her ability to design and execute unconventional market research projects, and her knack for translating research findings into actionable marketing insights. She is known as a results-focused, analytical professional with extensive experience and proven expertise in all facets of qualitative research and experience in quantitative research.

In her “hypothetical” spare time, Lara spends time with friends discovering unusual ethnic foods, sharing humorous memes, and collecting recipes her family knows she will never make.

Tym Wowk, PhD

Research Partner

Tym is a mixed-methods researcher trained in the social sciences (sociology, education, psychology), who applies a decade of academic research to market research for cannabis businesses. He is also a co-founder and Chief Data Officer at Clean Technique, a cannabis contract manufacturer in Massachusetts.  

Tym believes that organizations who pursue multimodal market research become armed with the tools to make better — and quicker — business decisions. Strategic research design, analysis, and interpretation guides his work in contributing to businesses & competitive advantage. His goal is to help businesses more effectively realize their vision by leveraging the full potential of running on the right data.


Why Work with Fordis Consulting?

Fordis consulting is committed to delivering quality market research to companies of all stages and all sizes. Market research is imperative if you want to stay relevant and impactful in your market, and the best way to explore your options is to set up a free consultation. In this valuable free session, Lara will take the time to talk about what your goals are, and engineer a way to help you reach them.


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