Presentation Help


Multi-Pronged Support for Presenters

What is your USP? What value adds can you offer clients?


Conducting surveys before you start your training work enables you to accomplish multiple goals even the best consultants do not realize they could have.

1.  Get first-hand visibility on where your participants are in their self-assessment of their relevant skills.

2.  Show clients your understanding of their employees beyond what they think they already know.

3.  Collect data to enable you to customize your training to the needs of the audience 

4.  In conjunction with a post-survey, provide a quantitative baseline for measuring the impact of your work.


1.  Discover the degree to which your training changed their self-assessment of their relevant skills.

2.  Show clients the value they got from your work.

3. Collect testimonials to use in your promotional materials.

4. Gather feedback on how you can refine training going forward, in the spirit of continuous improvement.

5. Discover opportunities for filling unmet needs uncovered through post-survey feedback.

6.  In conjunction with a pre-survey, provide a comparison to the original baseline for measuring the impact of your work.

Workbooks & "Leave Behinds"

1. Enhance your professionalism with a hard copy of the most salient points of your training.

2. Boost engagement and relationship by having all eyes on you.

3. Give participants peace-of-mind without worrying about scribbling notes.

4. Provide a professionally branded encapsulation of your session to reinforce its value.

5. Do not just provide a print copy of your presentation as a short-cut -- provide a value-add.

6. Use portions of it as a resource on your professional website.

PowerPoint Presentations

Are you an amazing presenter who lacks similarly strong PowerPoint skills? 

1. Ensure that you have support in terms of visuals to reinforce your points.

2. Look as professional as you sound.

3. Avoid the hassle of trying to fiddle around with software when you can be doing more meaningful, revenue-generating things like selling, developing content and spending time off your computer!