Quantitative Market Research


These types of surveys are done in real time, on location. This service is best for companies that intend to distribute their product at stores such as Target, Whole Foods, or other large retailers. The client gets the benefit of seeing customers’ genuine reactions to the products as they are self-recording their in-store shopping experiences. We tabulate the survey results and generate charts and tables. You will also receive video files of selected answers for both insights and marketing purposes.


These surveys are like in-store surveys but are not recorded inside a store. Good for any product, service, or issue, these surveys include self-recorded video answers. This allows for robust data-gathering. This type of video provides a very real-world experience of watching someone interact with your product at home or outside the retail environment.


The familiar online survey or questionnaire enables clients to get a statistically valid sample of their customers’ or prospective customers’ opinions. Traditional surveys are especially beneficial as we can accumulate hard statistical data and produce charts and tables to analyze the findings. We can examine answers from specific groups to provide in-depth analysis.

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