Why School Leaders Choose Us

Your Research Ally


We help schools attain grants, sail through the charter renewal process and implement continuous improvements by meeting a variety of research needs that range from survey design to full reporting and recommendations.

Popular survey types include:

  • Student surveys
  • Parent surveys
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Surveys that assess prospective students' and parents' site visit experiences
  • Support with HR efforts to attract talented teachers before and after surveys
  • Alumni feedback about how their high school impacted their lives post graduation

Creating custom market research solutions to understand  your students' social emotional health and parent engagement is an investment in your schools' success. 

Expert, customized research benefits schools in a myriad of ways, from attracting quality teachers to boosting new student enrollment. 

We can discuss what is working -- and not working -- with your current approach...and can suggest ways to achieving your school's research goals.

Schools Need Custom Market Research


Looking to expand to a new area? Coming up for charter renewal? Applying for a grant? Looking to attract more students? 


Our unique positioning and main goal as a market research consultant to charter school management organizations is to provide Fortune 500 level research to organizations that may assume such expertise is out of reach. 

For exploring potential locations, we use surveys with geo-targeting. For instance, for charter school management organizations looking at opening in areas with which they are unfamiliar, we get on-the-ground video interviews with parents in the target area. We also do lots of types of surveys to assess interest of area parents, and have done one-on-one video interviews too numerous to count.  

For established schools, with higher scrutiny and accountability, you need ways to tell your story and show how your specific learning environment positively influences academic and life outcomes that matter long term. 

Authorizers and stakeholders want something broader -- to see how the direct influencers like your school's teachers impact kids' lives beyond test taking. 

Defensible, objective data is especially valuable for schools that cater to challenging, low income or low performing students to reinforce why test scores alone are not meaningful indicators of the school's value to their students' long-term success. 

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