Fordis Consulting Professionalism & Versatility

"I have worked with Lara since 2011, before APEX was even a charter school. At that time, she helped us do a survey to help us document the unique needs of our underserved public school students. That report became a foundation for telling our story and supported our case time and time again as we became a charter. When we need a professional to achieve our research objectives, Lara is an invaluable partner." 

APEX Academy Director, Alfonso Paz

* Copies of the 2011 and 2016 APEX Student Survey Reports are available on request *


"As a veteran charter school founder, I rely on my experience and instincts, however, everyone feels better by having Lara as a credible, objective professional who can give us concrete data and analysis to guide our school's changing needs, from website usability to employee attraction and engagement efforts. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach to research, Lara can help customize student and parent surveys that reflect the unique character of our schools, which makes the information useful, insightful and something we can act on with confidence." 

iLEAD Founder, Amber Raskin

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