Lara did an amazing job providing me with exactly the data that I needed in the very quick time-frame I proposed. I needed data to show two extremely large prospects the value that our system can bring to their business compared to their current solutions. Lara quickly and efficiently made the surveys, gathered the respondents, and provided me with the data that I needed to succeed with those prospects! I highly recommend Lara for any data analysis project you may have!


Jasper Steendamtom
Vice President of Sales and Client Operations

Lara and I connected at an NACB (National Association of Cannabis Businesses) networking event and we immediately clicked as fellow researchers. Lara quickly joined the Women in Cannabis Study team and has been instrumental in helping move the project forward. Her extensive research background and experience in monetizing research insights has been invaluable! I’m grateful for her support of bringing the results of this research to the industry and I look forward to working on more projects together.


Jennifer Whetzel
Founder, Ladyjane Branding

Lara was an absolute pleasure to work with! She was always extremely reliable and thorough with her process and insights she delivered. She went above and beyond what was asked of her and ultimately it resulted in extremely useful final product.


Emily Holman
Growth Manager at Cameo

We used Lara on multiple occasions to focus group our audience for our customers. She
was incredibly detailed and the insights that she found were worth a pot of gold.


Brian Yauger
CEO / Co-Founder, Lemonhaze

I have been working with Lara for some time now and she is the consummate marketing resource. I’ve learned from her and leaned on her for guidance. She is excellent at her attention to detail, research and follow up. I recommend her without reservation.


Tom Giacoponello
President, Baby Life Seat, Inc.

Lara has been a delight to work with. She is not only an experienced market research expert but brings a fresh outlook on problems that I find rare. In the projects we have worked on together, Lara always went above and beyond in her attention to client needs and detail. The entire team at TruePublic looks forward to working with Lara more in the future


Kaben Clauson
Co-Founder/CEO – TruePublic

Lara is one of the smartest and dedicated researchers I’ve worked with. She does excellent work and delights clients with her insights and extra-mile deliverables.


Roy Eduardo Kokoyachuk
Partner at ThinkNow

Lara provided some great research for our cannabis accessory and packaging company, Canlock. She took the time to truly understand our preservation value prop and designed appropriate questions for one on one budtender interviews to get their opinions on our product and positioning. I would certainly recommend Lara for any future project, she’s terrific!


Brandon Rea
Co-Founder | Sales, Marketing & Partnerships Executive

We have been impressed with the community survey data (and turnaround time) compiled from Fordis Consulting. They have operated with exceptional professionalism and flexibility in providing us with the insights we need for the communities and sub-communities we attempt to serve. The data we receive is clear and comprehensive. We have used this service numerous times for multiple geographic areas and will continue into the future for new areas of the country with student populations we are interested in serving.


Justin Baiardo
Founder, Executive Director, Explore Academy

Lara has been a tremendous help to us at Tommy’s Superfoods. My only wish is that I knew her when we started FIJI Water!! You can count on Lara – she has the experience and expertise; and exceeded all of our expectations!!


Doug Carlson
Chief Executive Officer
Tommy’s Superfoods, LLC


I have worked with Lara since 2011, before APEX was even a charter school. At that time, she helped us do a survey to help us document the unique needs of our underserved public school students. That report became a foundation for telling our story and supported our case time and time again as we became a charter. When we need a professional to achieve our research objectives, Lara is an invaluable partner.


Alphonso Paz
APEX Academy Co-Director

Our company recently hired Lara to moderate a focus group – we quickly realized that she is one of the best moderators we’ve ever worked with. Anyone can read a focus group script but few are able to ask great, off-script probing questions at the right time – Lara is one of those few.


Benjamin Torpey
Political Consultant | Pollster


If you are in need of a great moderator for your virtual or in-person focus groups, then look no further than Lara. Lara was instrumental in helping us at Spectralink validate the direction we wanted to go in a new market and have a deeper conversation with potential customers to really hone our value propositions. We had a limited budget for our research and Lara was very good at helping us meet our needs while honoring our budget.


Karen Cooper
Senior Manager, Global Product Marketing

Lara helped me when I first started my online business. She walked me through how to determine who my customer base was, and then what I would need to do to try to get my brand out to those customers. She was there for me whenever I needed her (no matter the hour!). Without her help, I really don’t think my business would be where it is today. Her help was truly invaluable to me and Unbaked! I can’t thank her enough.


Olivia Hops
Owner at Unbaked: A Cookie Dough Bar

I highly recommend Lara and look forward to future opportunities to work with her again: Lara and I worked together on a handful of consumer (B2C, B2B) and market research projects. My agencies brought Lara on to recruit survey participants as well as help us conduct qualitative research through consumer interviews. She is wonderful and a collaborative partner which makes it so easy to work with her. Her flexibility was so helpful when we had to make some pivots or adjustments due to client feedback or situations they faced during COVID-19. Our clients were so pleased with the results and the insightful information that Lara helped us gather. Go hire Lara!


Shana Fields
Director of Strategy

As a veteran charter school founder, I rely on my experience and instincts, however, everyone feels better by having Lara as a credible, objective professional who can give us concrete data and analysis to guide our school’s changing needs, from website usability to employee attraction and engagement efforts. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach to research, Lara can help customize student and parent surveys that reflect the unique character of our schools, which makes the information useful, insightful and something we can act on with confidence.


Amber Raskin
Founder and CEO of the Maker Learning Network (formerly iLEAD Schools Development)


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