Product Testing Using Virtual Groups

Six Steps of Product Testing

So you want people to try your product, give their opinions and come away with directional guidance to address your business objectives? Given the current climate, how is that possible?

Combining a trio of methodologies -- in-home use testing, live focus groups, and online surveys -- we offer the opportunity to get a product in front of anyone from yoga moms to budtenders, as well as addressing both B2C and B2B challenges.

Step 1 – Kick off meeting. We'll look at your end game and work backwards to craft a solution that addresses your questions.

Step 2 -- Screening Survey. We create a survey to screen the prospective focus group participants based on the criteria of your product's target audience. 

Step 3 -- Product placement. Clients either send product the participants, or we arrange to pay extra and reimburse for items if they are available locally.

Step 4 -- Discussion guide. Draft the guide that will serve as the guideline when the moderator conducts the group online.

Step 5 -- Focus groups. The moderator will facilitate a minimum of two groups with 5-7 participants using a platform such as Zoom.

Step 6 -- Reporting. The moderator will draft a summary report based on the findings of the groups.

Add-ons include presentations, in-depth interviews, marketing consulting and follow up research for either a deeper dive or to quantify the findings from the qualitative research.