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We enlist budtenders and cannabis consumers to give their opinions about your concept, product, packaging, or messaging. You come away with directional guidance to address your business objectives.

Canna-Curious & Cannabis User Insights

This annual study was initiated by Fordis Consulting out of a commitment to help businesses make smarter, more strategic decisions using data in order to better understand individual state’s existing cannabis consumption consumers and its “Canna-Curious” (those who are open minded, but not currently consuming cannabis) potential target market’s different needs. Its goal is to help businesses gain insights to set themselves up for success, reduce business risk, stay ahead of their competition in an increasingly crowded market, and deliver marketing and messaging that considers data-driven differences by current vs. prospective cannabis consumption, gender, and other variables.

By collecting data from over 10,000 people across the US, businesses can see detailed attitudinal behavior of current cannabis users and the Canna-Curious. This deep dive also provides insight on use, spend, purchase frequency, and preferred methods of use for current consumers in legal U.S. states (some medical use only, but most legal for recreational use). The Canna-Curious data explores interest in a range of medical and recreational uses for cannabis and examines interest in product types, ingestion methods, and more.

Budtender Focus Groups

Since budtenders function as gatekeepers of knowledge in dispensaries, understanding them is key to a cannabis brand’s success. Focus groups deliver first-hand insights into why budtenders recommend a product – either yours or a competitors’ — and the roles of sampling, education, and swag.

Consumer Surveys

Consumer surveys are completed online by being distributed to a minimum 100 target prospects and/or existing customers. The client receives graphs, charts, and tables illustrating the responses, including cross-tabulations by specific groups, such as gender, usage volume and average spend. The data gives clients the confidence to make informed decisions to guide marketing optimization. Surveys may be used to evaluate products, packaging, concepts, and other areas of the cannabis business.

Consumer Focus Groups

Consumer focus groups deliver insights about products, messaging, branding, how you fall on the competitive landscape, etc. To make meaningful change, you need to know who you are talking to and what is compelling them. Sometimes the optimal target audience is quite different than what is currently assumed, so getting the voice of the consumer can yield invaluable insights to guide audience targeting, messaging, and branding. In-home use tests enable consumers to pick up cannabis products from their local dispensaries to evaluate the products themselves before the discussion group.

So you want budtenders and consumers to give their opinions about your concept, product, packaging, or messaging and come away with directional guidance to address your business objectives? Given the current climate, how is that possible? And WHERE is it possible?

Combining multiple methodologies — focus groups, online surveys, in-home use testing — we offer the opportunity to get a product in front of anyone from budtenders to new-to-category consumers, addressing both B2C and B2B challenges.


We used Lara on multiple occasions to focus group our audience for our customers. She
was incredibly detailed and the insights that she found were worth a pot of gold.


Brian Yauger
CEO / Co-Founder, Lemonhaze

Lara and I connected at an NACB (National Association of Cannabis Businesses) networking event and we immediately clicked as fellow researchers. Lara quickly joined the Women in Cannabis Study team and has been instrumental in helping move the project forward. Her extensive research background and experience in monetizing research insights has been invaluable! I’m grateful for her support of bringing the results of this research to the industry and I look forward to working on more projects together.


Jennifer Whetzel
Founder, Ladyjane Branding

Lara provided some great research for our cannabis accessory and packaging company, Canlock. She took the time to truly understand our preservation value prop and designed appropriate questions for one on one budtender interviews to get their opinions on our product and positioning. I would certainly recommend Lara for any future project, she’s terrific!


Brandon Rea
Co-Founder | Sales, Marketing & Partnerships Executive


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